About us

About us

Internet- of-Things (IoT) and Data Science team

We are specialising in research and innovation on telemetry networks with real-time monitoring and on advanced analysis workflows relied on data mining and machine learning.

In such a way we are offering end-to-end service propagation starting from the sensor till the user interface. We are concentrating on transforming input information into intelligent and decisive data, with spatial and temporal annotation, ready to get utilised and visualised.

The services we provide cover the whole data and analytics lifecycle to facilitate data-based intelligent decision making and support a wide range of strategic and operational decisions.

Application fields and Expertise


Environmental monitoring and Renewable energy

We are providing renewable energy business and construction groups, including wind farm operators, the ability to manage and monitor environmental measurements and tests, conducting surveys and studies, supervising construction, assets and equipment, in a cost-effective way. Our Decision support systems (DSS) facilitate a wide range of strategic and operational decisions through instant alerts and notifications.


Agriculture 4.0

Our team specialises in Internet of Things (IoT) systems and Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs). Based on these technologies, we design, develop, prototype and deploy end-to-end smart farming systems. The innovative solutions we work on, based on cloud, fog and edge computing technologies, start from sensors and actuators in the field and reach end-user applications. We are transforming input information into intelligent and decisive data, with spatial and temporal annotation.


Research and Development

When the project requires it, the company has proven its ability to fit into wider development schemes and work seamlessly with other academical or corporation development teams with the sole aim of optimally meeting the needs of projects.


Our vision is the escalation of Fog and Cloud based IoT ecosystems equipped with remote sensing and autonomous acting subsystems. Our core pillar is the development of PRAMA IoT platform through which we aim to overcome a number of IoT-related challenges and offer robust support for any agriculture 4.0 scenario.

Simplicity, User Friendliness, Extended Parameterization and Scalability
Our end-to-end platform serves as a virtual ecosystem between end users and remote end devices, and delimits IoT subsystems with individualized configuration, operational settings, and spatial data.

Resources Optimization, Device Interoperability and Quick Deployment
Each use case has unique requirements, so the ideal solution for our system is a Hybrid node with custom-made middleware which is able to be adapted in any deployment and can support multiple affordable and versatile hardware.

Prama - Altsol iot

Our approach

Analyse and Record

Analyse and Record of the specifications

Design and Develop

Design and Develop integrated interoperable systems

Integrate and Deploy

Integrate and Deploy end-to-end solutions

Manage and Support

Manage and Support projects in long-term